Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion brand Phoebe English, was looking for a solution to convert dead-stock fabric for her Spring/Summer 2020 menswear collection. Once she decided to over dye the fabric with a sustainable natural dye, indigo. As a natural dyer, Kylie worked with Phoebe to produce a sample collection made from deadstock fabric and organic indigo.

Photo Credit: Asia Werbel


The garments were hand-dyed with Mayan indigo. These indigo plants (indigofera tinctoria) are grown on small scale farms in El Salvador. They are dedicated to producing organic crop and fair-trade production.

The Process

A large vessel was used to hand-dye the garments for Phoebe English. In order to get an even coverage, the larger the vessel needs to be. Starting with small pieces of cloth, to test the shades of indigo, before dyeing larger pieces. An organic henna vat needs to be maintained every day. Troubleshooting the indigo vat is essential for the indigo to become a soluble dye and produce beautiful blues.

Read more about indigo here.

London Fashion Week

The fashion and textile industry is one of the largest polluting industries in the world. To make a positive impact it is really important for designers to collaborate. Because people have the perception that fast fashion is okay, the environment pays the consequences. Garment workers are exploited. When designers collaborate, they start to change the fashion industry in a positive and sustainable way. As consumers, we need to understand that we can’t keep buying and replacing clothes that end up in landfill. We should value and take care of our clothes. But, designers have the responsibility of sourcing, designing and manufacturing their collections as ethically and sustainably as they can. Converting textiles, waste and clothes that will only end up in landfill is one of the most valuable tools we have right now to begin transforming the fashion industry.

Phoebe’s show at LondonFashionWeek was an inspiring presentation of use of materials, sustainable manufacturers and decision making. Find out more in Vogue.