Shibori & Indigo Workshop


Make your own Tote Bag: Stitched Shibori & Organic Indigo Workshop in Artist’s Studio

Learn to create resist patterns with stitched shibori techniques and hand-dye your new organic cotton tote bag with indigo to reveal the patterns!

The class will begin with an introduction to the plant and natural dye, Indigo. You will learn how to create patterns using traditional stitching and binding shibori techniques. These stitches act as resists, so when you dye the item, only the exposed fabric is dyed, creating beautiful patterns onto cloth.

There will be an organic henna 123 indigo vat, that will be ready for you to dye your stitched shibori tote bags. You will see the magical indigo oxidize before your eyes and your patterns will be revealed! Organic cotton tote bag included and prepared (scoured/thoroughly washed) prior to the class. Other materials, like needles, thread and indigo will also be included.




For more information on natural dyeing processes like shibori and indigo vats click here.